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Pearl Jam Squashes Carbon Footprint

Pearl Jam's Quest to Neutralize Its Carbon Footprint

Since their debut 20 years ago, Pearl Jam has evolved from an alternative rock band to a full-scale business entity. They have total control over their decisions and destiny, including their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Pearl Jam made sustainability an early priority. Shows like Pearl Jam’s 20th Anniversary Destination Weekend (PJ20) require big semi trucks for equipment, numerous airplane flights, and large amounts of power. Trouble is, this creates a sizable carbon output. So, as the part of the solution, the band partnered with UPS for recommendations on how to minimize the impact of this large undertaking.

UPS employed its multi-modal network. This strategy combines multiple forms of alternative transportation, including rail, instead of relying on traditional touring semi trucks for the band’s gear. This tactic helped reduce a large portion of Pearl Jam’s carbon output during the PJ20 Destination Weekend. UPS was able to offset the remaining 19 tonnes of carbon by investing in carbon reclamation efforts like the 24,000 acre Garcia River Forest Project in Northern California. The band was so impressed with the results, they’re now talking and strategizing with UPS for further solutions to minimize and offset the impact of their tours on the planet.

Pearl Jam’s goal is a lofty but attainable one: to completely neutralize the carbon emissions they’ve put out from day one when they first started touring. With UPS, they hope to change the way people–and businesses–think about sustainability.

Article Highlights

  • UPS helped reduce the CO2 output of Pearl Jam’s 20th Anniversary Destination Weekend by using multiple forms of alternative transportation, including rail.
  • The offsets of the PJ20 Destination Weekend helped UPS support important carbon reclamation efforts.

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