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Electric Supplier Turns on Growth and Sustainability with UPS

How Sustainability Can Save Money

The new logistics can save time, save money, and save the planet. For Mercedes Electric Supply, UPS helps with all three.

Mercedes Electric Supply started in Miami in 1979 with two people and a station wagon. Today, it delivers over $20 million worth of electrical equipment across the globe—all on UPS trucks and planes.

The secret to its growth? Logistics. It has powered Mercedes Electric’s expansion from a small local distributor to a firm lighting landmarks around the world. UPS streamlines the movement of goods and lets the people of Mercedes Electric focus on growing their business.

Leveraging UPS’s integrated transportation network to deliver everything from letters to cargo containers, Mercedes Electric saved 20 percent on its bottom line through transportation consolidation. What's more, UPS software automates what was a very manually intensive and time consuming shipping process.

Mercedes Electric also offsets the carbon impact of everything that goes out the door with UPS carbon neutral shipping. Their environmental responsibility has turned into a big advantage for Mercedes Electric’s green-conscious customers.

"UPS arrived and helped make our tremendous growth manageable," says Mercedes Electric president Mercedes LaPorta. "Logistics has completely transformed our business."

Article Highlights

  • Saved 20% on their bottom line through transportation consolidation
  • Carbon emissions 100% offset through partnership with UPS

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