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UPS Geospatial Technology Delivers
Faster and More Sustainably

Video Highlights

  • Data and analytics from geospatial technology enable UPS to choose the most efficient routes
  • Geospatial technology gives UPS the data to improve safety, efficiency and service

UPS Data and Analytics
Enable Efficiency

How can a company that delivers 15 million packages per day save millions of miles, thousands of gallons of fuel, and prevent tons of carbon emissions? It’s called geospatial technology. It’s how UPS delivers sustainability and service.

THE GEOSPATIAL REVOLUTION PROJECT: UPS is featured in this public service media project on geospatial technology produced independently by Penn State Public Broadcasting.

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Closing the gap between planning and execution is a key priority for high-tech risk-management: 4:00 PM Oct 4th Reply RT
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We're glad your dad is OK. Thanks for sharing, Walker! 3:30 PM Oct 3rd Reply RT
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