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UPS Helps a Manufacturer Go 100% Carbon Neutral

Video Highlights

  • 100% carbon impact offset of 75,000 shipments in the first year with UPS
  • UPS calculated the carbon emissions of TOTO's shipments and then purchased sufficient offsets

A Sustainable Supply Chain Is
More Efficient

TOTO USA works from a philosophy called "TOTOlogy"—a commitment to manufacturing the most energy and water-efficient plumbing fixtures on the market using the most sustainable means possible. The company’s green focus goes far beyond its water-efficient fixtures, extending to manufacturing and procurement processes—and partner companies. That’s why TOTO turned to UPS when the manufacturer set its sights on achieving a new goal: to make their supply chain as sustainable as their products.

Long committed to climate-friendly business practices, UPS applied TOTO’s eco-friendly ethos to the company’s supply chain with carbon neutral shipping. UPS calculates the carbon emissions associated with TOTO’s shipments and then purchases sufficient offsets to neutralize 100% of the company’s carbon shipping impact.

UPS and TOTO continue to develop sustainable business practices. Bill Strang, VP of Operations, says "Responsible businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint.  UPS has shown how logistics can positively contribute to that too. "

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