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Saving Time and Money is Par for the Course

UPS Helps Callaway Maintain Its Competitive Edge

Since 1982, Callaway has developed golf’s most advanced technology with one goal in mind: winning performance. From the legendary Big Bertha Driver to revolutionary Forged Composite material, Callaway sets the standard for game-changing technology by never settling for “just-good-enough”.

Coordinating distribution centers as far afield as Carlsbad and Kuala Lumpur is no easy task, particularly at a time when companies have to watch their finances so closely. UPS handles all of Callaway’s small parcel deliveries in the US and Europe and manages Callaway’s distribution and outbound shipping in Korea.

UPS implemented a range of international shipping solutions to ensure that Callaway can offer guaranteed on-time arrival to all parts of the world. Full trucks, moving goods from California and Miami to Texas, represent significant cost savings. Callaway has global visibility on all shipments through UPS’s Quantum View®. Personal UPS representatives offer added peace of mind.

Article Highlights

  • UPS guaranteed on-time delivery of goods to all over the world gives peace of mind
  • Callaway reaps huge savings in time and cost through UPS shipping technology

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