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Global Success through Improved
Efficiency and Customer Service

Video Highlights

  • UPS provided logistics solutions to improve reliability and build customer trust
  • Automatic shipment updates keep customers informed

Logistics Helps a Small China Company Become a Successful Global Exporter

Established in 2004, Milky Way Jewelry Co., Ltd in Beijing ( GETS.CN ) is a fast-growing import/exporter of beads and accessories. Over 90 percent of the company's products are sold to wholesale jewelers in Europe and the United States. As its sales volume has increased, inefficiency and an error-prone logistics system have impeded the company’s growth efforts abroad.

“Milky Way’s business depends on building customer trust,” explains Michael Wang, UPS Sales Supervisor. “As sales increase to hundreds per day, Milky Way needs more than just reliable shipping, but also ways to improve efficiency and synchronize resources.”

As part of Milky Way Jewelry’s logistics global solution, UPS Worldwide Expedited® Service helps provide cost-efficient and reliable delivery for customers worldwide. What’s more, UPS WorldShip® technology created an automated transport system, making it easier to supervise and manage shipments after they have been delivered. Users can also access shipping data from UPS WorldShip® and automatically update orders through a UPS tracking code. Under the help of UPS, satisfaction has increased and the business has grown.

“UPS has enabled Milky Way Jewelry to expand our business all over the world” says Chen Zhenquan, Milky Way’s General Manager. “Soon, our jewelry will win the hearts of more customers all over the world.”

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